Next Chance to Move On (P4GA op song) + Lyrics*

*this is based on my own hearing so it may or may not be the same as the official one ^^

So, I started watching Persona 4 the Golden ANIMATION and I fall in love with the opening song. It felt so…mellow yet cheerful. It fits me as a sanguine-melancholic type of person. Two emotions that is so conflicting with each other yet can exist in one medium. The music from Persona never cease to amaze me. To those who didn’t watch it, here is the video and the lyrics* to this mellow yet cheerful song, Next Chance to Move On. Enjoy ^^




He’s standing right in his shoes,
and you feel like, you’re in his too…
One day he showed up right next to you,
how strange that you should only notice now…
The hero you know was gone,
just a memory of a past life….
He’s back in force and he’s leading the way.

Has something changed?
it’s an endless dream you find hard to define, but now…
Is he somehow…?
Maybe this is your…

Next chance to move on!
Rise up with the dawn!
The next step could be your big winning strike, yeah…
for you to grab your…

Next chance to become whatever you want!
The next chance to move on!
Next chance to find out where you belong…



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