Rejected Disney Princess…Why no Indonesian Princesses?

So I’ve stumbled upon a Huffington article citing about Rejected Disney Princesses concepts. They show some supposedly unpopular princesses or female figures with interesting story. Some so abysmal it became obvious on why they landed on this list of rejected DIsney Princesses. The list includes Sita from Ramayana, the pharaoh Hapshetsut, mother of the minotaur Pasiphae, the infamous lady Fredegund, and many more princesses and female figures from Europe, Asia (China mostly), and Africa.

Reading about this, I ponder to myself, why no big studio, be it Disney, Ghibli, Dreamworks, ever recreate the tale of Indonesian Princesses? Indonesia is home to many kingdoms. Some already lost, some still retain its royal bloodline with all the glory they received. Sadly though, not many people (me included) knows about Indonesian princesses although we have so many powerful, inspiring, and abysmal stories surrounding them. Pondering about it and hitting October, the month of artwork making dubbed as InkTober, I’m actually thinking about doing this InkTober with some simple drawing on these Indonesian Princesses, dedicating myself to give form to all of our tale of princesses.

Since I work double job, I’ll most likely won’t be able to draw each day, so I’ll limit myself to one drawing per 3 days. I will do princess or female figure or heroine from each 34 provinces in Indonesia. Granted with my 1-princess-per-3-days rule, I might only have time to to draw around 10 princesses in this InkTober *sad face*. Given that, I’ll likely make this my long term personal project. Please forgive me in advance if my drawing is bad, it’s been ages since I last draw. XD

I already have 2 princesses ready in simple ink sketch, so look forward to that in my next entry ^^


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