*Folklore from Sumatera Selatan, Putri Kemarau
**This translation is LOOSELY based on the real lore, I jazzed things up a bit to make it feel Disney-esque
***Originally, I work this as “The Draught Princess Jelitani” but I changed this later into “Draught” as a counterpart to Disney Princess “Frozen”.

Once upon a time in a kingdom in Sumatera, a very beautiful princess was born. She was named Jelitani. After giving birth, her mother died and she was left alone in the care of the wise and loving king. Soon after her birth, the kingdom was struck by a very long draught season. Rivers and lakes dried up, crop failed to grow, forest lit by fire. The wise king grew depressed. There was no sign that this long draught season will end.

Growing up concerned with the fate of her people, Princess Jelitani proposed to her father about her journey. She dreamt of meeting with a holy oracle and intends to see this man. Her father tried to stop her but she insists that this is a sign from the above to end the suffering of the people. Thus Jelitani start her long journey to meet this holy oracle. After the arduous journey, she finally reached a place where the oracle resides. “The answer is well within yourself” said the oracle. Jelitani, after hearing about this, ponder upon herself while going back to her kingdom.

“Have you the answer to end this draught season?” asked her father. “We must pray for God to end all of this. Believe in Him.” and so, Jelitani led every person in her kingdom to pray wholeheartedly. In her praying, she got a vision of her mother saying that a woman must offer to sacrifice herself, giving her soul to the mother ocean to end this draught. She told her vision to her father. “But who will be willing to sacrifice herself for the better of our people?” Asked the wise king in front of his people. A long silent moment came, and then Princess Jelitani stepped up. “I will.”

Jelitani 1'


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