The Little Princess

*Folklore from Aceh, Putri Bungsu
**This translation is LOOSELY based on the real lore, I jazzed things up a bit to make it feel Disney-esque
***Originally, I work this as “Princess and the Evil Tuntung Kapur” but I changed this later into “The Little Princess” as a counterpart to Disney Princess “The Little Mermaid”.

Once upon a time, there were two princesses living in the deep forest. Their parents were long gone and they were chased out of their kingdom. Before their mother died, she left out a warning. “When someone came and give you fresh meat, never abandon it. Quickly prepare it and cook it before it slowly grow into an evil demon.”

Years pass by and the sister live happily in the forest. One day, out of nowhere, a courier came bringing with him fresh meat. The sister order him to just put the meat in front of the door since they were busy with themselves, forgetting their mother’s warning. Day by day they slowly forgot about the meat and then it really transformed into an evil demon and caught the sister by surprise. The evil demon tried to eat them both but the older princess fought back. The battle grew weary and they reached riverbanks. The older sister quickly order the younger one to run with a canoe nearby. “But what about you?” ask the younger one. “I’ll fight this demon and go to heaven after this. Mother already told me that when something is up, you have to go by the river downstream and meet a prince by the name of Malim Dewa.”

On the canoe, the young princess was crying and crying. “So… So… My sister went to heaven and I went downstream to meet Malim Dewa”, she sings her tale of woe and misery having lost both her parents and her sister. Suddenly, her older sister flying down from heaven saying, “Sister, the gate of heaven will soon be closed and this is my last time on earth. Never call me again after this. I have a warning for you. On your way downstream, there’ll be a huge tree called Gele. NEVER rest there. It’s a home for the evil Tuntung Kapur.” Having said that, the older sister fly upwards leaving the young princess alone. She called for her but to no avail. “So… So… My sister went to heaven and I went downstream to meet Malim Dewa”, she sings again while crying.

Spending a long time on canoe, the princess was tempted to rest when she saw a huge shady tree, forgetting her sister warning. “Oh this is so comfortable…” She stopped and lie down below the Gele tree while singing. Meanwhile, the evil Tuntung Kapur was on the way to the river bringing with her pumpkins filled with things. Tuntung Kapur was surprised seeing a beautiful princess below the tree and slowly approaching her. “Oooh what a beautiful princess you are! And you sing beautifully too! Are you resting here?” asks Tuntung Kapur. The princess nodded and lean her back on the tree. “Princess, why not take a dip in the river and make yourself fresh? I have a natural shampoo made out of musk and keffir. Go or I will force you to!” Scared, the princess then took off all of her clothes and began washing herself. Tuntung Kapur quickly wear the princess’ clothes and began singing “So… So… My sister went to heaven and I went downstream to meet Malim Dewa.” When the princess finished her bath, Tuntung Kapur and her clothes were already gone, along with her canoe. She was left alone with rags and began wearing them while crying.

Putri bungsu 1'


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