The Princess and the Monkey

*Folklore from Jawa Barat, Lutung Kasarung
**This translation is LOOSELY based on the real lore, I jazzed things up a bit to make it feel Disney-esque
***Originally, I work this as “The Monkey Prince and Princess Purbasari” but I changed this later into “The Princess and the Monkey” as a counterpart to Disney Princess “The Princess and the Frog”.

Once upon a time in a kingdom in Jawa Barat, lived a king with two daughters, princess Purbararang and her younger sister princess Purbasari. Because of his old age, he thought of choosing an heir when he retired later. By wisdom and livelihood, Purbasari was chosen as the next to the throne. Angry, Purbararang placed a curse on Purbasari. Her skin became corrupted with black disease while her hair grew ugly. Soon, she was banished into the forest because of her disease. A knight, moved by her kindness, built a small hut for her there to live.

She lives without a grudge and befriend every creature in the forest. Among the creature, there was a monkey who behaves strangely and always care for Purbasari. One night of fullmoon, the monkey told Purbasari to come with him. He lead her into a small pond brightened by fullmoon and fragranced by forest flowers. “Dip yourself here and the curse will vanish” said the monkey. Purbasari dip herself there and she quickly regain her beautiful skin back along with her long black shining hair. She felt very grateful and thanked the monkey.

One fine day, Purbararang decided to visit her sister to mock her. She was surprised to see the curse lifted from Prubasari. Her jealousy strikes, she challenged Purbasari. “Find yourself a man and we’ll see who can have the most worthy of man among us.” Purbasari didn’t want to accept the challenge but her sister insisted so. Later, Purbararang came with her fiancee, a handsome prince named Indrajaya. “Here is my man. Where is yours?” Purbasari rise and walk hand to hand with a monkey, the same monkey who showed her the pond and lift her curse. “That Monkey? You surely jest!” Purbararang laugh her heart out. “Yes, I love him and decided to live my life with him” said Purbasari. After saying this, the monkey let out a happy shriek and suddenly turned into a dashing young prince. “Thank you my princess, my curse has been lifted”.

Purbasari 1'


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