*Folklore from Jakarta, Mirah dari Marunda
**This translation is LOOSELY based on the real lore, I jazzed things up a bit to make it feel Disney-esque
***Originally, I work this as “The Valiant Princess Mirah” but I changed this later into “Valor” as a counterpart to Disney Princess “Brave”.

Once upon a time in Marunda, Jakarta, lived a girl named Mirah. She’s the only daughter of the local hero, Bang Bodong. Growing up without mother, Mirah was raised among boys and martial art sessions. Being very adventurous, she quickly became famous for her agility and skill in martial art. Her father always advise her to drop the martial arts and adventurous nature, worrying about her future. He sometimes force her to do housechores, hoping it will lead her out of martial art world, but no avail.

One day, someone raised a ruckus in Marunda, shouting while threatening with verbal words. The guards came to convict him but he’s far too powerful. Hearing this, Bang Bodong offered himself as the local hero to stop the commotion. Due to old age, Bang Bodong quickly lost his stamina after hours of exchanging blows. Seeing her father, Mirah quickly grabbed her staff and step in to confront the intruder. Hours of exchanging blows and neither of them want to admit defeat. After his stamina recovered, Bang Bodong shouted at both of them to stop the battle and said, “Mirah my daughter, your soulmate has come!”

The intruder happens to be Asni, a practician of martial arts in Kemayoran. One night,  a royal house there was robbed leaving the servants died lying on the floor protecting the family. Mr. Ruys, the ruler of Kemayoran, suspected someone with a high skill in martial arts as the culprit behind the robbery. He ordered his guard to search for the culprit and arrest Asni, though he plead innocence. After a long night full of interrogation, Asni was released with one condition, to find the real culprit.

Hearing this, Bang Bodong said, “It must be none other than Tirta, the head honcho of the most dangerous gang in Karawang.” Asni was determined to go after him to Karawang, but Mirah stopped him. “Recover yourself first. Tomorrow, I’ll go with you and we’ll find the culprit together.”

Mirah 1'


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