Fatal Frame the Movie Personal Review

Fatal Frame without camera obscura… well… just no.

I played Fatal Frame, FF2, FF3, and the 3DS spin off – Spirit Camera. I stream FF4 and (to some extent since I still hope for a NA release) FF5 let’s play video. So yea, I’m an avid fan of this series. Hell, it’s the only horror related media that succesfully forced me to go ICU because of weak heart attack LOL. So when I heard about this movie, I was in doubt all the time. Tis’ a horror media where the horror came purely from your own personal interaction. Watching through other’s perspective defeat the very purpose of Fatal Frame. With that in mind, I brace myself to buy me a ticket and watch this movie. My verdict? Just… NO!

Dunno where to begin, but let’s start from the soul of Fatal Frame series, Camera Obscura. There is NONE of that camera obscura thingy here. No intense camera moment, No surprising camera angle. NONE. It’s like, having an ice cream sandwich without ice cream.There IS a camera used to take a ghost picture but that’s it. It was there sitting at the hand of some unnecessary character only to be used at THE LAST SCENE by the main protagonist. And it’s not a FATAL FRAMEish camera scene. Fatal Frame without camera obscura… well… just no.

The story is so-so to good. Around 6 out of 10 for me. The way the movie flow makes it harder to grasp the story but it’s usual for Japanese kinda way of story telling so I don’t have any complain to that. Some plot twist is obvious and some scene makes me, “wth I’m watching now? Is this FF?”. Brace yourself to watch unnecessary Japanesey cheesy interpretation of “friendship”. Not my taste but eh… LOL moments there. It’s rare to have a horror movie where people laughs but here… well… you’ll laugh at how absurd this movie is.

The music is good. Really! This movie was saved by the music and the “no-music” intense moment. I remember that one scene where the character is there standing still with no music on the background while the people hold their breath and IT’S PERFECT! If only we have it more.

The characterization is somewhat lovely. I love how they can convey everything with their face and body movement.

The most important thing: NO SCARY MOMENT EVER! *at least for me*

So yea,,, if you have money to burn and an avid fan of Fatal Frame series then go watch this movie. But if you are a casual horror lover, this may disappoint you to boot. Definitely 6 out of 10 for me 🙂


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